OpenLauncher (Alpha/Unstable)

Benny Kok

★ 4Wersja 0.5.5

Notice & Status
Please be aware that this version is not maintained by me anymore ?, the project is still live and maintained by various contributor on GitHub ?, please check out the project over there if you are a OpenSource Lover ?.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission for locking the screen via gesture.

The screenshot may not be up-to-date.

Why another launcher?
This is an launcher project I started from scratch and with a little help of some library because I want to create an unique Android experience for myself, now I share with you.

#Hide apps!!!
#Swipe to open drawer
#Backup and Restore
#More settings added thx to a new collaborator(Gaukler Faun)
Check us on GitHub

Paged desktop
Double tab to sleep
Scroll-able background
Paged app drawer
Vertical app drawer
Search bar
Icon packs

How can I help?
Code refactoring
Features request
Bug report

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Coś nie działa lub masz nowszą wersję, która działa na Twoim Huawei?

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