HappyCats games for cats

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★ 3.5Wersja 1.0.5

HappyCats is a game for cats and kittens.
It has 4 different game modes which you can choose from.
• Catch a Mouse, the mouse's speed will increase every time it is grabbed.
• Follow the Light, fast moving light bulb.
• Touch a Butterfly, high-score game where your cat has three lives, and has to touch as many butterflies as possible.
• Tower defense for Cats!! 5 stages and a final boss!
Supports multi touch so that two cats can play at the same time! Share your cats score on social media.

Try it out to see if your cat loves this game! Especially young cats and kittens love it! Other pets may also like it.

Now with “Cat Soccer”, a 4 player game with simple one touch controls, challenge your friends and family in this 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2 soccer game!

Or play the fast game “grab the fish” grab as many gold fishes as you can, but watch out for the bomb fish!


Music: https://soundcloud.com/rezoner
Sound: www.littlerobotsoundfactory.com
Font: Project Paintball(theFIZZYnator)

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