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Gadgetbridge is a privacy-respecting universal application for your Bluetooth smart gadgets and wearables. Activity tracking, notifications, sleep monitoring and all that for more than one manufacturer's devices.

* Has no privacy concerns you need to worry about, the app has no internet access permission!
* Is compatible with: Pebble devices (all of them), Mi Band (supports all five of them!), Amazfit Bip, Amazfit Cor, iTag, Lenovo Watch, XWatch, Casio, Mija LYWSD02, Amazfit T-Rex and many-many others
* Synchronizes your alarms, call status, health data and other information with your wearable device
* Offers automatic backing up your data to (external) storage
* Finding your device
* Managing the software on the device - firmware updates and watchapp installation

Keep in mind that available features are of course all within the device's own capabilities, it won't do magic.

Note: This version of Gadgetbridge (가젯브릿지, гаджет бридж) is not official, the source code (licensed under A GPLv3) used is always from a fork of the official repository you can find here: (check the store branch), keep also in mind that it's always modified with this script to be suitable for uploading to Google Play. Gadgetbridge is officially distributed on F-Droid and there may be some minor differences between the versions.

All artwork used in this Play Store listing is under these licenses meaning that listing's icon and feature graphic are thus referenced people's work or based on it, my contributions based on that work are available in this repository

You can read more about how, why and what Gadgetbridge does from .

If you have suggestions how to improve this listing, please send me an e-mail and I'll try to respond to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions or issues related to Gadgetbridge, feel free to email me too.

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