Fall Guy!

Exalted Guy Interactive

Wersja 1.1

Fall Guy!

Fall Guy! is not your typical puzzle skill game. We took the simple concept of maze navigation and utilized the unique properties of the mobile platform. Using the accelerometer and a little creativity, you control the maze rather than the player character directly in Fall Guy!. Instead of using slight motions of the phone, your adjustments to the phones position directly correlate to the position of the maze.

Guy, our mouse friend, wants to get to the cheese and must tumble his way through obstacles and hazards to get there. You, by controlling the maze, help him violently make his way to the goal. Fall Guy! is a unique blend of skill and luck that you just can't get anywhere else.

Coś nie działa lub masz nowszą wersję, która działa na Twoim Huawei?

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