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The ArteKino Festival is an innovative event launched in 2016 for a european audience of cinephiles curious to discover a selection of the most original european productions of the year. The ArteKino Festival was designed as an entirely free, digital event. The audience is invited to vote for each film to determine the winner of the ArteKino Audience Award.

The goal of the ArteKino Festival is to grant a large audience access to a selection of feature-length films which, despite critical acclaim, sometimes have difficulties finding distribution opportunities in Europe.

The ArteKino Festival presents a selection of ten feature films showcasing a daring and eclectic side of new european cinema. Along storied directors, new talent also shines with first features and new films by young directors from across the continent.

After watching a film from the selection, each member of the audience has the opportunity to rate the film from 1 to 5. At the end of the festival the film with the highest average rating will win the ArteKino Audience Award.

Coś nie działa lub masz nowszą wersję, która działa na Twoim Huawei?

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